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Arbroath Harbour in 1907: Trade

Source: Arbroath Year Book
(From Arbroath Year Book, 1908)

'The great improvement in the flax trade is reflected in the comparatively flourishing state of the Harbour Trust's finances. On the suggestion of the Chamber of Commerce, Baltic exporters shipped most, if not all, of their cargoes of flax direct to Arbroath. In addition there were large increases in the quantities of slates and cement brought by sea to the town, and a substantial increase in the export of herrings, although the latter item was counterbalanced by the decrease on the quantities of oats and potatoes shipped. The net result, however, was an increase in the revenue of the harbour, compared with the previous year, of 716 7s 11d. The increased import of flax brought about a demand for more shed accommodation, and proposals towards providing for the needs of the trade at a cost of probably 500 are now under consideration.'

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