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Source: Arbroath Herald Review of 1992: Margaret King art
The bride in this 1895 Auchmithie wedding is wearing a white dress which was relatively uncommon in this area in the last century. It was usual to have a dress which would be worn on other occasions. The dress would have been made, or bought in Arbroath, the Tuesday before the wedding. At this time the groom would buy blouses ('short goons') for the aunts on both sides and the bridesmaids. The bride would buy a Glengarry hat and muffler for her father and father-in-law and silk scarves for the groomsmen. She would also make a present of a 'waddin-sark' (shirt) for her husband to wear on their wedding day.

The groom would wear this shirt with his best, or a new, suit, usually navy blue. The 'lum-hat' was also traditional. He would place a wedding ring on his bride's finger at the service and a second ring called a 'keeper'.


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