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Lifeboat Disaster: Description (Part I)

Source: Arbroath Herald
David Chapel, Secretary, Arbroath Lifeboat Association, "It was shortly after midnight when I received a message from Arbroath Coastguards that the Anstruther lifeboat had put to sea after it was reported that flares had been seen off Fife Ness. The Anstruther boat was to proceed due north and I was asked to have the Arbroath lifeboat launched and proceed due south to join in the search. I hung about until 4:30 am when the District Officer of Coastguards rang to say that the Anstruther lifeboat was discontinuing the search. I asked him to pass a message to the coxswain to go up the Forth or to Anstruther because of terrific seas at the bar. He rang back to say the coxswain had decided to make for Arbroath but would cruise off Arbroath until daylight. A later telephone message said the coxswain was to have a look at the bar and, if he considered the conditions were right he would come in."


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