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Lifeboat Disaster: Crew

Source: Arbroath Herald
Six men lost their lives in the Arbroath lifeboat, Robert Lindsay on 27 October 1953.

David Bruce, coxswain, had served on Arbroath lifeboats for 30 years starting on the last two oar and sail boats. He was survived by a wife and married daughter.

Harry Swankie, mechanic, was due to retire from the lifeboat the previous August after 32 years of service. He left a wife and four daughters. His nephew, William Swankie, left a wife and two young daughters.

Thomas Adams, the owner of a small fishing boat, also left a wife and two young daughters. The Cargill brothers, Charles and David crewed a fishing boat with their other brother. Both were engaged to be married.

The sole survivor was Archibald Smith.

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