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Reval in the 17th century

(Tallinn, Estonia)

The seventeenth century, with Reval (Tallinn) under Swedish control, was a time of fortification through fear of war. The town gates were secured because of the Polish-Swedish war (1600-1629). In the 1640s the Horn bastion was built in the northeast and two dutch-type bastions to the south affording protection from the harbour. From 1671 onwards the Ingermanland, Swedish, Giötarijke and Skane bastions were started. Between 1693 and 1697 a vaulted roof was added to Kiek in de Kök, the huge six storey cannon tower (see photograph) first erected in 1475 and the base of the tower buried in the earhworks of the Ingermanland bastion. However, none of this prevented the town falling to the Russians in 1710.

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