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Gothenburg in the 19th century

(Göteborg, Sweden)

By 1742 Arbroath had ten ships trading here.

William Gibson of Arbroath began trading from Gothenburg aged 18, having left from Dundee as a ship's boy at 14 in 1797. In 1809 he established Gibson & Co which bought ships and acted as a shipping business trading in, amongst other commodities, iron, timber, tar, flax, Riga balsam, brandy, butter, potatoes, fennel, cochineal, fishhooks and snuff but diversified into brewing, herring pickling and the manufacture of playing cards, vinegar, sealing wax and lamp black. He lost all assets in 1811 and again in 1815 but recovered. His parents came to live with him in Gothenburg and are buried in the churchyard above the quay where he had his home and offices.

A Montrose connection can be seen through Montrose natives, Dickson & Sons, Iron Merchants, Gothenburg in 1852.

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