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Danzig in the 20th century

(Gdansk, Poland)

Much of Danzig was destroyed during the Second World War but major renovation began with the rebirth of the city of Gdansk. Much of the waterfront shown here looks much like it did in the photographs of the city in the 19th century. The building beside the Crane Tower [Krantor] (also badly damaged in May 1945) now houses the Centralne Muzeum Morskie, Poland's major maritime museum.

It was the 1980 strkes at the Lenin Shipyards in Gdansk which gave birth to the Solidarity (Solidarnosc) movement, formally founded in the city on 22 September 1980.

Gdansk Waterfront
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Gdansk Waterfront Gdansk Waterfront Gdansk Waterfront Gdansk Maritime Museum Gdansk Waterfront

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