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Dunkirk in the 19th century

(Dunkerque, France)

The Napoleonic wars followed by French import tariffs on linen and canvas pretty much put paid to Tayside's trade with Dunkirk in the early 19th century. One solution was espoused by David Dickson, flax spinner and shipowner, of Arbroath who set up his own factories in Dunkirk to make canvas in 1839. He brought an engine out through Arbroath harbour in 1845 and his factory, employing over 800 people, was suoervised by staff from Arbroath, Montrose and Dundee. The two schooners Hawk and Vixen attempted a regular service from Dunkirk to Dundee in 1840 but this soon died and regular trade was not seen again until the end of the century.

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