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Trondheim in the 16th century

(Trondheim, Norway)

Trondheim was the home of the Norwegian kings between the ninth and eleventh century and it was from here that Leif Erikson is supposed to have sailed to America around 1000. As the time of the kings passed, the town became an important centre of pilgrimage (based on the beatification of St [King] Olav) and Nidaros cathedral was built. It was destroyed by fire in 1328 and rebuilding, which started in 1869, still continues. The reformation in the sixteenth century reduced Trondheim's status to that of a provincial town but, over the next 100 years, foreign merchants moved to the town and formed small trading empires. They built grand panelled wooden buildings such as the Stiftsgården (now the royal residence) which is still preserved.

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