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Stockholm in the 16th century

(Stockholm, Sweden)

We have no shipping records for vessels sailing between Tayside and Stockholm in the 16th century but there was certainly plenty of contact between Scotland and Sweden at this time. The first of it was probably pretty unwelcome with troops under Danish command in the country in 1502. A further contingent served under Christian II during his capture of Stockholm in 1520.

After restoration of Swedish rule, Scots were fighting on the other side with cavalry recruited in 1565 for more war against Denmark and large numbers of infantry brought over for the war against Russia in the 1570s.

It was not until 1572 that the Swedish crown opened up trade to outsiders and John III offered inducements to 'foreign cavalrymen, Germans, Scots and others' to settle in the cities.

Of those who prospered, the most notable was Blasius Dundee. 1n 1577 he was acting as banker to John III's war effort and owned a fleet of ships. He was a burgher of Stockholm, where he owned several houses, and a city councillor from 1586-1596.

See Scots in Sweden Jonas Berg and Bo Lagercrantz, The Nordiska Museet, 1962
Stockholm; 1580 engraving by Hogenberg
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