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Narva in the 19th century

(Narva, Estonia)

Trade between Tayside and Narva began at the end of the 1820s with ships bringing timber and a little flax. This trade increased through the 1830s. Timber from Russia, and the Eastern Baltic ports, became increasingly important in the 19th century, its cheapness displacing the Scandinavian sources of the previous century, and the British North American colonies which had benefited from duties on foreign timber in the early part of the 19th century. By the late 19th century Narva was the region's major industrial city and rivalled Reval (Tallinn) as a port. The largest employer was the Kreenholm Textile Manufacturing Company which employed 10000 people by 1872 when its women workers organised what is now commemorated by a memorial in the town as Estonia's first strike.

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