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Memel in the 19th century

(Klaipeda, Lithuania)

By the 19th century Memel had become an important exporter of flax to Dundee (ranking third behind Riga and St Petersburg in 1829) and in the same position as an exporter to Arbroath later, in 1882.

Memel was also a hugely important source of timber for Dundee. Importation of Scandinavian timber had collapsed at the start of the nineteenth century as a result of stringent import duties put in place to support importation from North American colonies. However, timber from Memel had become so cheap that by 1829 almost 30% of fir imported to Dundee came from there. It was also the largest supplier of lathwood. Jackson (Trade and Shipping Of Dundee) points out the attraction to merchants of mixed timber/flax cargoes from Memel.

The 18th and 19th centuries also saw the rise of Memel as a shipbuilding centre.


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