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Copenhagen in the 17th century

(KÝbenhavn, Denmark)

Militarily another disastrous century for Denmark. Christian IV attempts to make the country a great power and fails, losing much Danish land to Sweden. The country is ruined by the time of his death in 1648. His successor, Frederick III, goes to war with Sweden again losing a third of the country's territory including, for a time, the island of Bornholm. Copenhagen did see some benefits. In acknowledgement of it surviving a two year siege by the Swedes it was made a free city in 1660 i.e. all residents enjoyed the same privileges as noblemen. Under Christian IV, a huge building program was undertaken in the city with Christianshavn built opposite the inner harbour on Amager Island and many fine buildings in the city including the Stock Exchange, Rosenborg Castle and the Nyboder (new buildings') built for his sailors in the 1630s and still used by Danish navy personnel.

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