TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Margaret

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Danzig
CargoPitch; Tar; Iron; Pewter; Tackle; Dye; Lead; Glass; Ironmongery; Lint; Flour; Wax,
MerchantsRodger Bower, William Carmichael, James Fethe, Andrew Mitchell, John Duncan, William Pitillok, William Jack, Thomas Meak, David Pearson, John Tyrie, Dr David Kinloch, thomas Bruntfield, Robert Carmichael, John Duncan, Archibald Pearson, Thomas Murray, Andrew Petrie
Voyage Date20-09-1615
Source Referencedsl trans p263
Voyage ID976

Quhilk day comperit David peirsone skipper & Mr vnder god of ane schip of the burgh of dundie callit ye margaret laitlie arryved from Danskyne and entered the said schip Conteining the goods and geir following pteining to the persones vnderwrittin To wit 2 schip lib gaid Irone 2 sentenar lead 6 barrell aiss 2 barrell pitche 2 brl tar 3 quarteris sentrell of pewther. 16 stane takill pteining to rodger bowar. Item 3 barrell Irone 3 schip lib gaid Irone sex sentenare of lead 53 st. of takill 14 br aiss 4 br of pitche 3 quarter last of lynt 2 kistis of glass halff sentrell of pwetter pteining to Williame carmichaell. item James fethe j barrell of oismonds 2 schip lib gaid Irone 4 br aiss ane quarter last of lynt. Item pteining to andro michell 3 schip pund gaid Irone 5 sentenare of last of aiss ane last of lynt 2 barrell tar 4 barrell pitche ane sentrell of pewther & sex kistis of glass. Item pteining to Jon duncane 14 barrell of Irone 12 schip pund gaid Irone 6 barrell aiss 3 barrell pitche and tar 3 quarter last of lynt ane quarter last of hemp 17 spruiss stane of takill 6 sentrell of lead ane halff sentrell of pewtter. Item pteining to Wm pittillok 5 barrell of Irone j schip pund gaid Irone 4 brl aiss 7 barrell meill 16 stane lynt 4 br aiss. Item pteining to Wm Jak 6 barrell aiss ane quarter last lynt ane sentrell of pewther 6 schip pund gaid Irone j barrell oismonds j barrell Tar 2 spruiss stane takill 2 sentrell lead. Item pteining to thomas meik ane halff last lynt. Item perteining to David peirsone half schip pund walx. 6 barrell Tar 5 st Lynt. Item pteining to Jon Tyrie 2 steane Lynt. Item pteining to Doctor David kynloch 3 steane. Item to thomas bruntfield 2 steane. Item pteining to Robert carmichaell sex barrell aiss sex barrell pitche and tar tua schip pund of walx ane quarter last of Lynt. Item pteining to John Duncan Tua barrell Tar ane barrell aiss ane barrell pitche, Item pteining to archibald peirsone ane schip pund \Irone and barrell tar aucht bounds of lowse lynt pteining to Thomas mwrray And thrie barrell Tar and ten bounds lowse lynt pteining to Andro petrie.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Pearson, DavidSkipperDundee