TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Andrew

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Dieppe
CargoIronmongery; Dye; Sugar; Playing Cards; Sponges; Paper
Merchantsthe above Alexander Kirkcaldie, Alexander Bultie, Thomas Moody, William Erskine from Montrose
Voyage Date12-03-1616
Source Referencedsl trans p266
Voyage ID695

Quhilk day coperit Alexr kircaldie skipper & maister vnder god of the goode bark of dundie callit the Andro And entered the said bark leatlie come from Deipp Conteanand the goods and geir following pteining to the psones efter specifiet viz. Item aucht thowsand barrell girds pteinings to the said Alexr Togidder wt ten doussone Irone poits tua hundreth schooles & thrie pocks waid also pteining to the said Alexr.Item fyftene doussone Iron poitts foure dry wair treis qrin 60 gross kannis 11 gross playing kerts 20 doussone girds 4025 spownges 4 pocks waid equallie pteining to Alexr bultie and thomas mwdie And Sex doussone poits tua drywair treis wt ane baell of papir pteining to Wm erslyne in Montroiss


MarinerTitleHome Port
Kirkcaldie, AlexanderSkipper BurgessDundee