TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Hope for Grace

VesselHope for Grace
Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Queensbridge
CargoLint, Hemp, Felt, Wax, Tackle, Pearl-ash, Tar, Wood
Voyage Date16-07-1618
Source Referencedsl trans p297
Voyage ID642

Quhilk day coperit Andro keneris skipper & maister vnder god of ane schip of Dundie callit houpe for grace & entered the said schip laitlie cum frome Quenesbrige loadit wt ye guidis & geir following perteaning to ye persones subsequent viz. In ye first to James boytar ane quarter last of lynt wt sewin sten of wax. Item to Jon fulerton fwrtene stene of lint wt thrie spruiss sten of wax. Item to Jo ogiluay fyftene stene of wax Item to Alexr symer thrie score tene sten of lint wt fyftene of wax & thrie score ten sten of teakill, half last of aiss, & fowre barrells of pik. To Thomas crombie ane lst & ane halff of lint. More to Wm fergusone fowrtie stene lynt fyftene steine taikill sewin stene wax & ane barrell aiss. To Ninion copeine aucht barrell aiss fowre barrells pitch sex stane of lint threttie spruce stane teakill threttie spruce stane hempe. Item to James peirsone twelff stane walx fowre barrells pitch tua barrells aiss tua spruce stane lint sex spruce stane teakill. To Thomas Davidsone twa ship pund walx. To Rot Davidsone thrie spruce stane walx. Item to Thomas Kyle sextene stanes spruce of lint. More to Jon lyndsay aucht spruce stane lint. To James Lichton twelff spruce stane lint, and to Walter Rankyne tua schip pund walx & ane halff, fowrtie spruce stane lint twentie stane of hempe Sextie spruce stane taikell, fowr barrells aiss & sex barrells pitche. Item to James Monorgound Threttie spruce stane lint. Moir to Wm Waucht fyftene spruce stane lint, tua barrells aiss, Item to Jon Duncane fourtie fyve spruce stane lint, foure barrells aiss, sex Barrells pitche. To charles small in St Andrews ane houndreth fourtie spruce stane lynt. To David mertein thair a quarter last of lynt. Item to James man ane last and thrie quarteries of ane last lint, ane last of takill fyve barrells aiss fyftene stane walx. Item to Wm rodger Twentie stane lynt. To alexr bower ane tow with nyne peces takill weyand 40 stane spruce, sex spruce stane lynt. More to henry guthrie 40 spruce stane lynt for barrells pitche, thrie barrells aiss, sex spruce stane walx. Item to Niniane coppine threttie spruce stane takill, 20 stane of lynt Item to Wm Kynnareis ane last of aiss, fyfty spruce stane of takill & twentie stane of lynt. To alxr edward fyftene stane of lynt sex barrells aiss, tua barrells pitche. Item to Andro hill threttie spruce stane lynt, ane barrell aiss. Item to Andro kynnareis foure spruce stane lynt, for barrells pitche, fiftie spruce stane takill. Item to Andro kynnareis youngr 14 stane lynt. Item to Wm Jak aught spruce stane lynt. Item to Wm pittillok aught spruce stane lynt. Item to the ship 200 knaphard, and to Andro Abircrumbie 25 spruce stane Takill.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Kinneris, AndrewMariner BurgessDundee