TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Hope for Grace

VesselHope for Grace
Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Bordeaux
CargoWine; Vinegar; Prunes; Damsons; Honey; Dye; Paper; Rosewater
MerchantsJaForrester,RobHamilton,DavRamsay,JoDuncan,Alex Anderson,GeoJohnstone,AdGrant,WmWeyms,MarjorieDuncan,Kirstene Man,ThCarnegie,JaMonorgound,ThHenderson,ThKnight,JoCopping,Asr.&&WKinneris,JoYeaman,ABoytur
Voyage Date03-03-1618
Source Referencedsl trans p292
Voyage ID641

Quhilk day comperit Andro Kynnareis maistr vnder god of ane ship of Dundie callit the hoip fro grace and entered the said ship laitlie cum frome Burdeaux coteaning the goods and geir following pteaning to the psones subsequent viz: to James forrester of twnes vine fyve twn with nyne peces of land wyne threttene pocks waid ane twn vynager ane pece of prwndamis Item to rot hamiltone of land wyne thrie pece Item Andro flescheour of waid thrie score sex pocks of twnes fyve pece of land wyne thrie pece to david ramsay of twnes wyne foure twn ane twnland wyne aught pocks waid. Item to Jon duncane of twnes wyne Tua pece of land wyne fyve pece of waid thrie pocks Item to Alexr andersone of land wyne thrie pece of ploomedamiss ane barrell Item to george Johnstone of Pth of twnes wyne ane twn thrie peces Item to Adame grantof twnes wyne ane twn Item to Wm Wemyss of land wyne ane twn Item to marjorie duncane of land wyne ane twn of twnes wyne ane pece. Item to Kirstene man of land wyne ane twn Item to thomas carnegy of land wyne ane pece Item to James nonorgound oftwnes wyne ane twn thrie pece of land wyne and twnItem to thomas hendersone of twnes wyne ane twn ane pece Item to Walt Smyth of hony tua Teirce of ploomedamiss thrie barrell Item to thomas Knycht of twnes wyne ane pece of ploomedamiss tua barrell Item to Jon Copping of waid thrie pocks To Andro Kynnareis youngr of waid thrie pocks To alexr edward of waid aughtene pocks of papir tua balls of ploomedamiss ane pwnsheone with thrie hundreth wecht of roset Item to his sone david edward of waid ane pock with ane barrell of ploomedamiss Item to andro Kynnareis elder of land wyne sex twn of twnes wyne tua pece of wynegate tua teirce of waid thrie pocks of roset tua hundreth wecht item to William Kynnareis of land wyne aught twn thrie pece with thrie barrells ploomedamiss Item to Jon Yeaman of waid fourtene pocks of twnes wyne sex pece of land wyne tua pece To andro boytur of waid ten pocks with ane pece of land wyne and to Peter balmannow of land wyne tua twn thrie pece


MarinerTitleHome Port
Kinneris, AndrewMariner BurgessDundee