TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Elspeth

 Arrived Dundee from Bordeaux
MerchantsJames Fletcher, George Arnott, George Petrie, John Duncan, Charles Fotheringham, Wm Dick, Wm Ogilvie,Alexr Anderson,Rob Morris,Wm Cook
Voyage Date08-02-1614
Source Referencedsl trans p241
Voyage ID633

Quhilk day in pns of Mr William fargusone baillie Comperit James keyth Clerk of ye schip Callit ye elspet qr of Johne smyth is Maister and laitlie cum fra burdeaux Amd enterit ye said schip cotenand ye gudes following viz. twentie thrie twnis thrie punscheounis wyne yr of land being threttene ane punscheon & of burdeaux being ten twnis and ane half ptening to James fleschour. Item sevintene twnis and ane punscheon wyne ptening to George arnot george pettre and. panter and [blank] citizens of St. andros Twatwnis land wyne ptening to Jhone Duncane thrie punscheonis ptening to charles ffothringhame Thrie punscheonis ptening to Wm Dick. Twa punscheonis land wyne ptening to Wm ogilvy. half tun land wyne ptening to Alexr andersone Thrie punscheonis land wyne ptening to Robert Moreis Thrie punscheonis land wyne ptening to William cok and ye said James keyth gaif his bodelie Aith Solemnelie that ye said entrie Wes trewlie gevin vp and nothing omittit furth yroff to his knawladge.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Keith, JamesClerk