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Vessel: Bark Allan

VesselBark Allan
Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Bordeaux
CargoWine; Wood
MerchantsW Davidson;R Preston of Cupar/Fife;R Davidson;G Gardyne;W Kinloch;H Guthrie
Voyage Date27-03-1616
Source Referencedsl trans p267
Comments* 'Conteanand the' deleted in orig.
Voyage ID291

Quhilk day coperit thomas davidsone Mr vnder god of the schip called the bark allen of Dundee laitlie arryved from bordeaux Conteanand the* And entered the said schip conteanand the goods and geir following pteining to the psones rexve subsequent viz. In the first Ten Twn ane peis ane terss vyne And sex pocks waid pteining to Wm Davidsone. Item foure Twn thrie peis and ane terss of wyne pteining to Rot prestone of cowper in fyiff. Item tua twn ane halff pteining to Rot Davidsone. Item ane Twn pteanand to gilbert gairdyne. Item twa peis Wyne pteining to Wm kynloch. Item tua peis vyne pteining to henry guthrie.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Davidson, ThomasMasterDundee