TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Fox

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Stockholm
MerchantsAlexander Jack; Robert Morris; James Cochrane; Robert Jack; William Walker; James Forrester; Thomas Crombie; Robert Hamilton; Patrick Chalmers; William Crockatt; Walter Smith
Voyage Date31-08-1618
Source Referencedsl trans p301
Voyage ID21

Quhilk day comperit Androw abircrombie maister vnder god of ane ship of Dundie callit the folx And entered the said ship laitlie cum frome Stokhollome loadit with ellevin last of osemond Irone twentie foure ship pound Irone and thrie ship pound kettills pteaning to Alexr Jack elder. More aught last & halff osemond Irone and foure ship pound Irone pteaning to Robert moreis. Forder, foure last osemond Irone, sex ship lib Irone pteaning to James cochran. Item thrie last osemonds pteaning to Rot Jack. Item to Wm Walker aught barrells osemonds. Item to James forrester sex barrell osemonds. Sicklyik to thomas crombie sex barrells of osemonds. Item to Robert hamiltoun fyvetene barells osemonds. Item to Patrik clameris twelff barrells osemonds. To williame crockat foure barrells osemonds. And tua barrells osemonds pteaning to Walter smyth.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Abercrombie, AndrewMasterDundee