TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Princess

 Arrived Dundee from Bordeaux
MerchantsAndrew Ra[?]; Alex Anderson; Alexander Dundan; Patrick Lyne; Patrick Mitchell; William Halibyrton; Richard Copping; Alexander Cockburn; Andrew Jack,s wife; William Richardson; Andrew Auchinlek; James Gardin; David Methven; James Ferrear; James Scrymgeour; David Thain; George Stevinson; William Lochmalowny, Andrew Geddie; Thomas Heres.
Voyage Date17-11-1589
Source Referencedsl trans p228
Voyage ID1699

Comperit David coustoneand enteritt the schip callit ye princeiss now cum fra burdeaux contening ye gudis following Imprimis Andro ra marchant hes 18 twnis thre punscheon vyn 22 pokis waid mair Alexr Andersone hes 10 twnis 4 pokis vaid amir Alexr duncane hes 12 twnis wyn 27 pokis of waid mair patrik Pyne hes sex twnis wyn mair patrik michell hes 6 twnis and ane half mair williame halyburtone hes 2 twnis ane peis mair Richd coping ane twn mair Alexr cockburne ane twn mair Androw Jakis wyfe ane twn mair williame richertsone 2 pokis waid Androw Auchinlek ane twn wyn James gardin half a tun david meffen half ane tun James ferrear ane tun James Scrygeour half ane tun david thein half ane tun george stewinsone ane tun william lochmalowny ane peis Andro geiddy 3 peis thjomas heres half ane tun.


MarinerTitleHome Port
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