TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: James

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Danzig
CargoTackle; Lint; Pitch; Soap; Alum; Wax; Iron; Wood;
MerchantsPeter Mann; John Stewart; Thomas Auchinleck; John Jack; George Striveling; William Lochmalowny; Andrew Kinnaird; Andrew Panter; John Wedderburne; Thomas Bower; The Company and owners.
Source Referencedsl trans p225
CommentsThe entries are not dated between 17/3/1588 and 17/11/1589
Voyage ID1685

Comperit Jhone wedderburne and enterit the schip callit ye James now out of danskein wt ye gudes and geir efterfollowing, in ye first piter an and his pterneris 100 spruiss staine of takill mair of pik 4 brl mair of vaid tua schip pund mair of lynt 20 spruiss staine mair of saip 7 brl mair of alme 1 brl Jhone stewart of takill hes 65 spruiss staine. mair Thomas Auchinlek hes takill ix spruiss staine. Jhone Jak hes of takill 14 spruiss staine. george strivling of takill hes 9 spruiss staine James car of seip hes 1 brl. williame Lochmalowny hes of seip ane br. and of Lynt 5 spruiss staine. andow kinnaird hes of wax ane schip pund andro panter hes of Lynt 12 spruiss staine. Jhone wedderburn hes of Lynt 16 spruiss stane . mair of seip ane br. ane half. mair of takill 20 stane. thomas bowar of seip 1 br and ane half. the company hes of swed Irone 4 br. mair for ye awneris of knapholt thre small hunder.


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