TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Meregalland

 Arrived Dundee from Rochelle
MerchantsThe owners and Co. William Mann; Peter Clayhills; George Duncan; John Jack; William Ritchie elder; William Ritchie younger; John Strathauchin; Dennis Gamle, Patrick Chalmer.
Source Referencedsl trans p225
CommentsThe entries are not dated between 17/3/1588 and 17/11/1589
Voyage ID1684

Comperit Williame peit and enterit the schip callit the meregalland now out of rochell wt ye gudes and geir efterfollowing. the haill salt extends to thre hunder salt the maist appertenis to The awneris and cumpany williame man; piter Clayhillis, george cuncane, Jhone Jak, William reitche, elder, and younger, Jhone strathauchin dennies gamle, patrick schalmer.


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