TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Meregalland

 Arrived Dundee from Bordeaux
MerchantsAndrew Walker; John Lowell; William Mann; Robert Smith; Patrick Chalmer; George Duncan; Dennis Gamle; Thomas Auchinlek; William Ritchie; John Fullerton; William Peat; John Jack; Walter Annand; William Lochmalowny; Peter Craig; George Jack; John Williamson; Philip Chalmers; John Leslie; Jeromy Strachan and his father.
Source Referencedsl trans p225
CommentsThe entries are not dated between 17/3/1588 and 17/11/1589
Voyage ID1681

Comperit George Duncane and enterit the schip callit the meregalland now frome bordeaux In the first Androw Walker 28 twnis wyn Jhone Lowell wt his perteneris 28 twn William man ane punscheounis. george Duncane ane twn thr punscheounis Dennes gamle thre punscheounis thomas Auchinlek 2 punscheounis william riche 1 tun Jhone fullertoun ane tun williame pait ane tun 4 pecies of roset. Jhone Jak thre punscheounis twa pecies roset. Wat annand 1 tun Williame Lochmalowny twa punscheounis. piter craig twa punscheonis. george jJak twa punscheonis. piter craig twa punscheonis. george Jak twa punscheonis. Jhone Williamsone twa punscheonis. philip chalmeris ane punscheoun Johne Leslie 1 punscheoun 4 brrl. Jeramie strachin and his father 6 punscheonis.


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