TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Fox

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Bordeaux
CargoWine; Wood
MerchantsAndrew Flescher; James Forrester; James Boytour; Andrew Boytour; Andrew Abercrombie; David Ramsay; William Forrester; William Corbet; John Wright; David McGill
Voyage Date16-05-1615
Source Referencedsl trans p258
Voyage ID16

Quhilk day coperit andro abercrombie skipper and mr vnder god of ane schip of ye burt of Dundie callit ye fox And entered the said schip laitlie arryved from burdeaux cotenand ye gudes and geir vndermentionat pteining to the psones efter remembered viz. Twentie Twn wyne pteining to andro flescheour & James forrester togidder wt twentie pockis waid. Item thrie twn wyne pteining to James boytour. Item nyne twn vyne pteining to ando boytour elder and utheris. Item tua twn thrie pece wyne pteining to andro abercrombie. Item thrie twn wyne pteining to david ramsay. Item thrie Twn wyne pteining to Wm forrester. Item ane Twn tua pece wyn pteining to Wm Corbet. Item tua pece wyne pteining to Jon wricht And Tua pece wyne pteining to David Mcgill.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Abercrombie, AndrewMasterDundee