TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: not mentioned in original

Vesselnot mentioned in original
 Arrived Dundee from Danzig
Cargonot mentioned in original
MerchantsAndrew Annand, Alexander Brown, William Anderson, James Brown, John Henryson, Burgess of Perth
Voyage Date15-09-1581
Source Referencedsl trans p204
Voyage ID1581

Comperit Jacob Thempis mr of ane dutsche and hes Interit his schip now from Danskene cotenand in ane pticklar tiket qlk guidis ptenis to Androw Annand, Alexr Broun, Wiliame Andersone, Jas Broun, Jon Henrysone, burgess of pth [Perth] qlk ptickler tiket the den of gild hes receavit.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Thempis, JacobMaster??