TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Elspet

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Danzig
CargoPitch; Tar; Lead; Pewter; Iron; Lint; Hemp; Glass; Wood (wainscotting); Kettles
MerchantsAndrew Michael Skinner,John Duncan, Patrick Burgh, James Pearson, Alexander Edward sr; Rodger Bower; John Durham; Robert Aichinlek; Andrew Ross (Skipper); Donald Murray/Perth; James Anderson.
Voyage Date29-07-1618
Source Referencedsl trans p298
Voyage ID1192

Quhilk day comperit andro ross skipper & maister vnder God of the bark callit the Elspet, And entered the said bark laitlie cum from Danskyn loadit with the following pteaning to the psones subsequent viz: to Andro michell skynner, sex barrells Irone sexe centinar lead, more halff ane last and ane centinar poutter, foure wynescott and sex stane hemp. Item to Jon Duncane aught barrells Irone, thrie ship pound Irone, halff ane last lynt sex barrells pitche and tarre, & foure centinar lead, More to Patrik burghe foure barrells Irone thrie barrells pitche & tarre ane qr last lynt. Sicklyk to James peirsone tua cradill glasse, tua centinar lead. Also to Alexr edward elder ane quarter last lynt, thrie barrells pitche, thrie centinar lead ane centinar pulder. To Rodger bowar thrie barrells Irone, thrie centinar lead, halff ane houndreth pulder thrie barells pitche and tarre. Lyikwayes to Jon durhame ane qurater last lynt. To Robert achinlek sexe barrells Irone thrie centinare lead, halff last lynt, ane last pitche and tarre. Mair attour to the said Andro ross skipper fourtie wynscott, ane last pitche and tarre, ane quarter last lynt. Item to Donald murray in Perth sexe barrell Irone aught centinar lead, ane centinar kettills, ane quarter last lynt, aucht wynecott, and finallie to James Andersone in Perth halff ane centinar pulder.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Ross, AndrewSkipper BurgessDundee