TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Elspet

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Bordeaux
CargoWine; Damsons
MerchantsAndrew Ross; John Hodge; William Ferguson; Alexander Cockburn; Thomas Crombie/Perth; Patrick Dundie/Perth; John Durham; John Auchinlek; Andrew Petrie; John Knight; William Guthjrie; Eufame Allison; Andrew Abercrombie; John Corbett; John Stewart; David Wedderburn
Voyage Date26-03-1616
Source Referencedsl trans p267
Voyage ID1188

Quhilk day coperit andro ross skipper & Mr vnder god of ane bark of the burgh of dundie called the elspet And entered the said bark laitlie arryved from burdeaux in france cotenand the goods & geir following pteining to the psones subsequent viz. In the first xij twn 2 peis pteining to andro ross of wyne. Item aucht twn 3 peis pteining to Jon hodge. Item sex twn vyne pteining to Wm fergussone. Item foure twn wyne pteining to Alexr cokburn. Item foure twn vyne pteining to thomas crommye of Perth. Item ane twn ane peis pteining to Patrik dundie in Perth. Item tua twn half wyne pteining to Jon Durham. Item tua peis wyne pteining to Jon auchinlek. Item tua peis wyne pteining to andro ppetrie. Item tua peis vyne pteining to Jon knycht. Item ane pwnsione plwmdamiss pteining to Wm guthjrie. Item ane peis wyne pteining to eufame alysone. Item tua pocks waid pteining to andro abircrombie. Twa twn tua peis vyne pteining to Jon corbet. Item ane twn vyne pteining to Jon steuard And tua peis vyne pteining to Mr David Wedderburn.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Ross, AndrewSkipper BurgessDundee