TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Elspet

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Bordeaux
CargoWine; Damsons
MerchantsAndrew Ross; William Guthrie; William Anderson; Thomas Crombie; Alexander Royce; David Wedderburn; William Kinneris; Andrew Painter; Andrew Gray; George Auchinlek; John Durham; Thomas Fotheringham; Daniel Maxwell; William Dick
Voyage Date28-12-1614
Source Referencedsl trans p254
Voyage ID1185

Quhilk day In pns of Wm auchinlek, prouest Coperit andro ross Mr vnder god of the bark of dundie callit the elspet And entered the said bark laitlie arryved frome burdeaux Contenand the goods & geir following pteining to the psones subsequent viz. Twelff twn Twa peiss ane half peis wyne pteining to the said andro ross Thrie twn ane berrykan vyne pteining to Wm guthrie ffoure twn ane peis wyne pteining to Wm andersone thrie twn ane peiss pteining to Thomas crombie Ane twn thrie peis of wyne pteining to Alexr roiss Ten twn ane peiss j berrykin wyn pteining to Mr david Wedderburn Ane twn pteining to William Kynnareis Ane twn pteining to andro painter Ane twn ane peiss pteining to andro gray ffowre twn pteining to george auchinlek thrie peis pteining to Jon Durhame Tua peis pteining to thomas fotheringham Twa peiss pteining to daniell maxwell & tua brell plwmdamas pteining to Wm dik.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Ross, AndrewSkipper BurgessDundee