TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: Grace

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Rouen
CargoPots; Dye; Silk; Haberdashery; Pens; Inkwells; Wood; Vinegar
MerchantsT Crombie elder;R Carmichael; W Scrimegeour;D Sibbald;D Thornton;A Ross;A Symer;P Carmichael;A Blair;J Traill;A Cowie
Voyage Date25-04-1615
Source Referencedsl trans p255
Voyage ID112

Quhilk day coperit Alexr blair Mr vnder god of ane bark callit the grace of dundie And entered the said bark laitlie arryved frome Roane in france Contenand the goods and geir vnderwritten pteining to the psones following viz Twelff dussone poittis 3 doz. bas cards 20 doz cardis 10 gros cannis 4 gros Cartis 8 pocks waid 10 rym palpire 500 wecht sma waid Twa pwnsoines wynagre 20 lib gallentis 2 lib blak silk 2 /do/ silk gartenis 20 gross silk buttounis 60 gros threid buttounis sevin peis of Inglis stringis thrie doz of hatts 4 doz hat stringis 100 pasmentrie 2 gross silk poyntes ane gros pennaris & inkhornes 2 gross neidles cussew 20 doz abeill pasmenterie halff gross menis beltis half gross bairnis beltis 2 doz spongis 40 lib of quhailbone 4 lib ben Cannes ane gross elsonheftis ane gross cokis for barells and foure gross quhissillis all apperteining to Thomas Crommy elder. Item 24 doz poitts & Twa pocks pteining to Robert Carmaichaell Item 22 doz. poitts 4 pocks waid 10 rym palpire 10 gross cannes 1 gross cartis 6 doz cardines and ane gross Inkhornes pteining to walter scrymgeour Item 20 rym palpire 4 gross cannis & four doz. cardines apperteining to David sibbald in perth. Item thrie doz. poitts and foure rym palpire pteining to Donald thornetoun Item thrie doz poitts and 3 gross cartis pteining to Alexr ross. Item foure pund gallentis pteining to Alexr Symer. Item 2 doz poitts 2 gross cartis 6 gross Cannes 2 doz spongis ane gross pennaris and Inkhornes pteining to Patrick Carmichaell. Item 16 doz poitts 2000 girds gross Cartis 1 doz sponges pteining to Alexr blair and jon traill. And sex pocks waid and tua dussone poittis pteining to Andrew Cowye.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Blair, AlexanderSkipperDundee