TAMH: Mariners and Voyages

Vessel: David

Register PortDundee
 Arrived from Bordeaux
CargoWine; Dye; Plums
MerchantsAndrew Fletcher, James Forrester, Robert Hamilton, Andrew Bultie of Montrose, James Mudie, Alexander Edward, Donald Murray, James Williamson of Torye, Andrew Rankine, Hercules Edison of St Andrews, John Rankine, Andrew Morris, Gilert Anderson, John Durham, James Leighton, David Smart, Thomas Walker, James Pearson,John Newton, David Shon, Margaret Fyffe, Andrew Kinneris
Voyage Date11-05-1614
Source Referencedsl trans p244
Voyage ID1089

Quhilk day Comperit Andro Rankene maister of the goode schip callit the david of dundie And entered the said schip laitlie cum from burdeaux Conteanand the gudes & geir following pteining to ye psones subsequent viz. Threttene twn of wyne pteining to andro flescheor. Item aucht twn pteining to James forrester. Item sevin twne wyne pteining to Rot hamiltone. Item sevin twne of wyne pteining to andro bultie of montross. Item fyftie pokis waid pteining to James mwdy. Item sevin pocks waid pteining to Alexr edward. Item foure pocks waid pteining to donals murray. Item thrie twn wyne pteining to James williamsone in torye. Item thrie twne of wyne pteining to ye said andro rankene. Item sex twne of wyne pteining to hercules edisone in St androis. Item tua pece of wyne pteining to Jon rankene. Item tua pece pteining to andro moreis. Item ane twne and ane half of wyne pteining to Gilbert Andersone. Item tua twne pteining to Jon Durhame. Item tua pece of wyne pteining to James lichtone. Item twa pece pteining to David smairt. Item thrie pece of wyne pteining to Thomas walker, Item fyve pocks waid pteining to James peirsone. Item seven pocks waid pteining to Johne newtone. Item tua pocks pteining to David schewan. Tua pocks waid pteining to Margaret fyiff. And tua pwnscones plumis pteining to andro kynereis.


MarinerTitleHome Port
Rankine, AndrewMasterDundee